Wormmon (Red)
Wormmon (Red)
Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Larva
Status Unrestricted


A Wormmon subspecies adapted to life in deserts and arid plains. Unlike the arboreal Wormmon type species, they live underground, digging moisture-filled tunnels to avoid the daytime heat and emerging at night to forage. They normally feed on desert vegetation, and can adapt to richer food and a higher water intake, but may feel ill during the adjustment period. Their harsher environment has given red Wormmon sturdier bodies than other Larva Digimon, but their attacking strength is still quite low even for a Child-level. Their silk is less sticky and more sturdy than green Wormmon's, and instead of attaching it to trees to make pathways, they mix it with mud or sand to make cement-like barricades for their tunnels.


Wormmon are moderately sturdy Digimon with low offensive ability, due to a lack of both raw strength and agility. Their greatest tool is the silk they can spit, which can stick to foes or be put to other practical uses, and which can be made to combust under the right conditions.

  • Sticky Net - Spits fluid that dries into tough, sticky silk, restricting the opponent's movements.
  • Silk Singe - Spits filaments of silk that spark into flame.
  • Random Roll - Curls up, does a rolling charge at the target, then jabs them with the stingers on its tail.

Typical Size

About 2 feet long.

Sub-species and Relatives

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