Level Child
Attribute Free
Type Larva
Status Unrestricted


A Larva Digimon species known for its timid, gentle demeanor. It is an ancient species that has changed little since the oldest days of the Digital World, and many Insect-species Digimon are distantly descended from it. Though Wormmon, like the larvae they resemble, have a great deal of potential for growth, that potential doesn't manifest in their Child-level form; the species' combat ability and physical power don't match up to other Digimon of the same level. In the wild, Wormmon are harmless, peaceable creatures, and voracious eaters that move diligently from place to place to avoid overgrazing any one area. They use their Sticky Net to make pathways of webbing in forest canopies, which become treetop highways for all manner of arboreal Digimon.


Wormmon are moderately sturdy Digimon with low offensive ability, due to a lack of both raw strength and agility. Their greatest tool is the silk they can spit, which can stick to foes or be put to other practical uses.

  • Sticky Net - Spits fluid that dries into tough, sticky silk, restricting the opponent's movements.
  • Silk Thread - Spits rigid, needle-like filaments of silk.
  • Random Roll - Curls up, does a rolling charge at the target, then jabs them with the stingers on its tail.

Typical Size

About 2 feet long.

Sub-species and Relatives

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