Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Bewitching Beast
Status Unrestricted


A subspecies of Kyubimon with dark-colored fur. Despite the fact that Kyubimon and Youkomon are both of the Data-Attribute, their natures are completely opposed, with their one shared trait being that they are not particularly strong physically. While Kyubimon wield spiritual power, Kyubimon calls upon the powers of Darkness. Its flames are colored red, like a silver Kyubimon's, but burn with both the aspects of Fire and Darkness, and are especially effective against Holy-species Digimon. Youkomon also become stronger under the light of the moon or during an eclipse, and seem to relish the night. Physically, Youkomon's abilities are equal to that of Kyubimon's, but they have the ability to actually run through the sky, rather than simply appearing to while leaping. Furthermore, in addition to fire, Youkomon also exhibit the power to command the aspect of Thunder.

Youkomon are feared as beings of destruction and decay, and this perception has some basis in fact in Youkomon's more aggressive nature. However, they are not necessarily evil beings, as Youkomon sometimes appear to wield their dark powers in service of the greater good, purging areas that are overrun with rot and disease with their flames or inflicting cruel justice upon the wicked. While some Youkomon might wield their powers out of selfishness or wickedness of their own, it is far from being universal among the species. Nevertheless, Kyubimon and Youkomon rarely seem to tolerate or cooperate with one another. Furthermore, a Youkomon's actions are often mistaken for a Kyubimon's, which can negatively affect the latter's reputation.


  • JaenryĆ« - Generates a crimson-colored dragon of flames from its tails, and shoots it at its opponent.
  • Homuradama - Generates scorching hot "will'o-the-wisps" from its tails and manipulates them according to its will.
  • Kodengeki - Charges the taijitu, or yin-yang symbol, on its forehead with spiritual electricity and delivers a shocking headbutt.
  • Amatsu-Kitsune - Generates multiple "will'o-the-wisps" and combines them with a ball of thunder before firing it at its opponent. Its size and power depends on how many "will'o-the-wisps" are gathered and how much lightning is generated to create it.

Typical Size

8 feet tall, 10 feet long.

Sub-species and Relatives

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