Ultimate Level

Ultimate is the sixth level of Digimon development, and may also encompass further, speculative tiers of evolution. It is extremely rare.

Ultimate-level Digimon are vastly powerful, and a significant number of those recorded in the Digital World's history only achieved that level due to profound partnership with an Analogger. Those that reached the Ultimate-level on their own largely did so over the course of many decades or even centuries, accumulating tremendous quantities of data over their lifespans and becoming pivotal figures in the course of the Digital World's winding destiny. In the last hundred years, evolution to the Ultimate level has become much more common, but Ultimate-level Digimon are still vastly outnumbered by those that will never achieve a sixth evolution.

The scope of an Ultimate-level Digimon's powers is difficult to quantify; some outstrip all Digimon of lower levels, and some wield downright godlike abilities, capable of reshaping their surroundings with minimal effort.

List of Digimon

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