Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Beast Man
Status Unrestricted


A rabbit-like Beast Man Digimon wearing the garments of a Chinese martial artist. Tururiemon practice a unique martial arts style based on both kung-fu styles and wushu, which they are always developing and improving. Each Turuiemon's knowledge and contributions to the art are passed on to the Deepnet, and carried over to the next generation of Turuiemon to evolve after them. You could therefore every single Turuiemon who has ever lived has helped to advance their style forward. Turuiemon possess great agility for their small size, and have a great deal of power in both their arms and legs. They wield two iron claws in combat, known as the "Tokaku Tessou", but it can be said that a Turuiemon's feet and fists alone are just as formidable as any weapon.

Though Turuiemon may in fact inherit the knowledge of their style, they do not always possess the discipline or experience to use it effectively. Many Turuiemon quickly became impatient when they find that they cannot easily become experts, and may sometimes abandon their training out of frustration. Turuiemon that are disciplined and patient enough to see it through become regarded as masters in time, and help to instruct others in the ways of martial arts, whether they be another Turuiemon or not. Some Turuiemon may loan out their services under promise of reward, while others simply travel around, challenging others and fighting wrongdoers in order to improve their skills.


  • Gantoretto - Delivers a hard-hitting combined strike with both of its Tokaku Tessou whilst they spark with electricity.
  • Ninjinken - Moves so fast that it can barely be seen, flanking the enemy and repeatedly delivering a hard-hitting physical strike with either its hands or feet.

Typical Size

6 to 7 feet tall.

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