Togemon (Dark)
Togemon (Dark)
Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Plant
Status Unrestricted


A Togemon with a darker coloration that wears blue-colored boxing gloves. This species of Togemon is nocturnal, remaining so completely inert during the day that it takes on the appearance of a normal, if not ginormous, desert cactus. Once the sun has set, and the moon rises, Togemon begins to move. Its true nature is mysterious—and not just because of how hard its expression still is to read. It pursues a lonesome life, soaking in the moon's rays, while privately honing its boxing skills. It seems that in becoming a creature of the night, it gained some power over darkness, as it is able to give its shadow tangible form. Aside from that, however, a dark-colored Togemon's abilities are the same as a type-species Togemon's, right down to their physical strength and sharp, mildly-poisonous needles.

Though dark-colored Togemon are enigmatic, they are not obscure. Whereas normal Togemon are usually dismissed as silly and buffoonish, others seem to be aware of these Togemon's natural poise and grace, traits which have earned it the nickname "Queen of the Night". They remain short and to the point, but not hospitable, when approached by others, never volunteering information that they wouldn't otherwise share. Compared to other Togemon, who are natural caregivers, dark-colored Togemon seem wholly concerned with themselves—though there have been reports of them suddenly appearing to save desert travelers who have been ambushed in the night.


  • Chikuchiku Bang Bang (Prickly Bang Bang) - Fires off round after round of needles from its body at its opponent.
  • Shadow Jab - Attacks the opponent alongside its shadow, firing of slow but deliberate punches, pummeling them from two directions.
  • Melon Punch - Fires off the boxing gloves at the ends of its arms like missiles, which burst upon contact and douse the opponent with water. The gloves are immediately replaced on Togemon's arms.

Typical Size

20 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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