Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Plant
Status Unrestricted


A Plant Digimon with the form of an enormous cactus. Just like a cactus, Togemon can store nutrient data within their bodies for long periods of time, which allows it to survive in harsh desert areas that other Plant-Types do not usually find suitable. Their expression is typically considered unreadable, but just like Lalamon, it is a very emotional Digimon species. Countless needles cover Togemon's body, and it can fire every single one of them and instantly replace it with another. While these needles secrete a form of poison, it is usually too weak to affect other Adult-levels; though it can make humans and lesser evolved Digimon rather sluggish. Finally, it's arm-like upper branches are extremely powerful, and are able to fire powerful punches that make Togemon one of the heavyweights of the Digimon boxing world.

Despite their formidable fighting prowess, Togemon are regarded as somewhat silly by other Digimon. This is usually to a potential opponent's detriment. To be fair, they are rather odd Digimon, in that they tend to divide their time between staring off into space and periods of wanderlust. When a Togemon gets angry, it becomes very difficult for one to settle down. Nevertheless, they are otherwise very gentle Digimon, and are prone to acting as caretakers to young Digimon. As you might expect, they are very good at avoiding injuring their young charges with their needles.


  • Chikuchiku Bang Bang (Prickly Bang Bang) - Fires off round after round of needles from its body at its opponent.
  • Mach Jab - Delivers a high-speed combo of punches and jabs.
  • Coconuts Punch - Fires off the boxing gloves at the ends of its arms like missiles, which explode upon contact. The gloves are immediately replaced on Togemon's arms.

Typical Size

20 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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