Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Armor
Status Unrestricted


A member of the "Weapon Digimon" family and, much like its evolutionary cousin, Ludomon, one which takes the form of a shield. Unlike Ludomon, however, TiaLudomon's entire body has become metallicized, and thus has no need for wearing armor when in the form of a Digimon. It has been strongly affected by the Beast-species data in its DigiCore, which has had the outward effect of making it appear wolf-like. Its adaptations are not simply cosmetic, however, as TiaLudomon has a beast's swift running speed, agility, and sharp senses as well, along with razor-sharp claws. The two large shields on its shoulder are both known as "Frisbicker", and utilize sorcery in order to create barriers of ice in both TiaLudomon's Digimon form and its shield form. The Frisbicker also have the ability to display unique QR codes, which can be used to send signals to allies when on the battlefield.

TiaLudomon have a reputation as valiant Digimon, who use their speed and strong defenses to defend their allies on the battlefield. It is true that TiaLudomon are inclined to taking positions in armies, where they serve an invaluable role as both forward defense and covering their comrades' retreat. Their demeanor has been observed as "wolf-like", and they indeed prefer to live among others. Since Weapon Digimon are rare, this usually means falling in with groups of other Digimon rather than their own kind. A TiaLudomon without someone to guard or protect will quickly become despondent, but one with strong social connections will usually be confident and generally in high spirits.


  • Frisbicker - Throws the shields on its arms like boomerangs.
  • Assault Claw - Jets forward at high speed, slashing the enemy with its sharp claws.
  • Eis Schild - Generates barriers of ice around itself in the shape of the Frisbicker shields on its arms.

Typical Size

6 to 8 feet tall.

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