Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Plant
Status Unrestricted


A Plant Digimon whose Digicore contains data on the growth and movement patterns of sunflowers. Sunflowmon's overall appearance suggests that it is reptilian in origin, but it is actually a pure Plant-species Digimon like Palmon and Floramon are. Sunflowmon are very preoccupied with the movement of the sun through the sky, and seem to draw energy from sunlight, storing it for both photosynthesis and attack power. Its wings appear to be little more than leaves, but are capable of carrying Sunflowmon through the air. Furthermore, its arms are particularly strong, and its tail is armed with extensible thorns that can also be fired like projectiles. However, Sunflowmon's body is physically weak outside of its extremities, and they tend not to be able to take very many physical blows.

Sunflowmon are extremely cheerful and optimistic Digimon, and are usually seen smiling. While most Digimon welcome Sunflowmon's positive energy, there are those that find it and its smile somewhat eerie. Just like Coronamon, Sunflowmon's mood can be affected by the sun, and they usually grow despondent whenever there's a cloudy day. Sunflowmon are as common in the wild as they are in civilization, and in either case, they often serve as caretakers for surrounding vegation. Some Sunflowmon exhibit a natural inclination for farming, and end up planting gardens that serve as ready sources of produce for Sunflowmon and other Digimon alike.


  • Sunshine Beam - Fires stored solar energy from its face as a ray of heat.
  • Smiley Slap - Delivers a strong slap with one of its arms, all while smiling cheerfully.
  • Cactus Tail - Fires a volley of thorns from the end of its tail. Any thorns fired are immediately replaced, and can be fired quickly in succession.
  • Sunshine Gun - Shoots explosive seeds from out of its mouth.

Typical Size

6 to 12 feet tall, depending on how much sun it gets.

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