Stingmon (Black)
Stingmon (Black)
Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Insect
Status Unrestricted


A sub-species of Stingmon with a black exoskeleton. Curiously, it is of the Data-Attribute, while its type-species is of the Virus. In another inversion of the norm, it is this variety of Stingmon that is known for the viciousness that is usually expected of Adult-level Insect Digimon and Virus-Attributes. Black Stingmon differ from other Stingmon in other aspects as well, in that their armor is somewhat denser and their movements are somewhat slower, giving it improved defenses at the cost of some agility. Furthermore, black Stingmon radiate heat, making their armor warm to the touch when calm and absolutely scorching when their aggression is heightened. With all of these traits combined, it is believed that Data-Attribute Stingmon's aggression and unique adaptations were acquired in order to adapt to a harsher environment.

Being that they are much more rough around the edges than other Stingmon, black Stingmon rarely stick around in one spot before moving on. Though they favor civilization like their Virus-Attribute cousins, they tend to prefer places that suit their transient lifestyle. It is more common for a black Stingmon to become involved in the art of assassination than it is for their type-species, as their dark-colored armor allows them to blend in in dark places or under the cover of night. They usually excel in this role, though their heat-generating abilities can lead to them becoming hot-blooded and frenzied, which can be something of a liability during assignments that require stealth.


  • Spiking Finish - Extends one of the spikes on its arms and raises the spaulders on its shoulders, charging the spike with energy before rushing forward to impale the enemy with it.
  • Heat Pressure - Extends its antennae, sending a wave of force to crush its opponent while increasing the temperature.
  • Moon Shooter - Fires the spikes on its arms at the opponent. Each spike is automatically replaced upon being fired.
  • Assassin's Dance - Extends the spikes on both of its arms, charging them with energy, before rushing at the opponent while spinning artfully, cutting them repeatedly with its weapons.

Typical Size

15 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives

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