Starmon (X-Antibody)
Starmon (X-Antibody)
Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Mutant


A Starmon which possesses the X-Antibody has undergone further mutations, causing it to absorb cosmic energy and develop a second layer of star-shaped armor over its body. This layer, as well as the rest of its armor, has been reinforced with space-age materials, making it even more durable than it was before while still still being light-weight, resulting in no loss of speed or agility for Starmon. The Star-shaped sunglasses it wears over the visible parts of its face, the eyes, serve as a limiter on Starmon's telepathic abilities, and should they be removed, its latent telepathic powers would cause others to become as starstruck towards Starmon as it is towards itself. A Starmon which removes them intentionally in order to give itself followers is considered unscrupulous.


  • Meteor Champion - Forms a gigantic meteor out of cosmic energy and calls it down upon its opponent.
  • All of Starmon's other attacks are retained by Starmon (X-Antibody) as well.

Typical Size

5 to 6 feet tall.


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