Starmon (Adult)
Starmon (Adult)
Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Mutant
Status Unrestricted


An Adult-Level Mutant Digimon whose body is shaped like a star's. Though it shares a name with a very similar Child-Level Digimon, it has been determined that the Adult-Level Starmon predates it, and that any evolutionary connection they might share came after both species were already established. Starmon's Digicore contains information absorbed from a space development center's database, and so it has taken the form of a celestial body as a result. The star-shaped armor that conceals Starmon's torso is composed of substances only found in meteorites, making it extremely durable as well as resistant to the effects of heat and radiation. Starmon can also fly by retracing their arms into their armor and shooting off into the sky whilst spinning. Their fighting style can be compared to that of a boxer's, and since Starmon's face is concealed save for its eyes, the only way one can determine what it is thinking is by observing its body-language when in combat. Finally, Starmon have psychic abilities, which is surmised to have originated from research into cosmic energy's effects on the mind.

Starmon are usually valorous Digimon, eager to prove their heroism and "stardom" by performing spectacular deeds. They are not nearly so egomaniacal as their Child-Level counterparts tend to be, however, and tend to get extremely (pardon our wording) starstruck when in the presence of those they admire or try to model their behavior around. Starmon are also extremely hotblooded, a trait which intensifies the longer one is in battle, making it hard to get them to calm down when they truly get fired up. Starmon seem to particularly admire Digimon like Leomon, based on their reputation, and they are known for seeking the other species out in order to become their apprentice. Most Leomon have remarked that this behavior is "admirable, but tiresome".


  • Meteor Squall - Summons a rain of meteors to attack the opponent.
  • Mind Scan - Uses its telepathic abilities to get an impression of the enemy's next move. This attack requires Starmon to stop and completely concentrate, leaving them vulnerable.
  • Star Upper - Delivers a hard hitting uppercut while charging its fist with cosmic energy.
  • Hypnosis - Emits waves from its eyes to hypnotize the enemy and lull them into a dream-like state.

Typical Size

5 to 6 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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