Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Mutant
Status Unrestricted


A Plant-species Digimon clad in leaf-like armor, armed with shurikens attached all over its body. In ancient times, Digimon could only assume this form when using a Digimental associated with the Crest of Purity through Armor Evolution. However, in modern times, any Digimon who meets the qualities to tap into the Crest of Purity can evolve into this Digimon. Most of Shurimon's body is concealed by its clothing and armor, leaving its long, tendril-like limbs as its most visible feature. These tendrils have the tensity and strength of coiled metal springs, allowing Shurimon to leap about like an expert acrobat. Furthermore, their leaf-like armor allows Shurimon to blend in with nature, making them masters of concealment. Their primary weapons are the shurikens attached to each of its limbs, along with the gigantic fūma shuriken it wears on its back, all of which have the ability to cut through steel. They can also be spun like helicopter blades, granting Shurimon limited flight abilities.

Shurimon is one of the Digital World's quintessential "Ninja Digimon", with their skill in ninjutusu being both inborn and formidable. Only Igamon and Kougamon make a claim to being the Shurimons' rival, and though they are certainly not the only ninja Digimon that can challenge it, the three species have a history of competitiveness. A Shurimon's dedication to the ninja arts is absolute, as it will pursue them as a means of fighting enlightenment and purpose, rather than simply seeing them as a means to power and employment. All Shurimon have a strong sense of loyalty, and even those that take a disreputable path remain dedicated to their lords and allies. Finally, while most Shurimon are colored and white and green, a fair number of them sport the colors of autumn leaves.


  • Kusanagi - Throws the massive fūma shuriken on its back at its opponent.
  • Momiji Oroshi - Extends its arms and legs, sawing away at its opponents with the shuriken at the ends of them.
  • Konoha Kakure - Transforms its body into a hurricane of sharp, cutting leaves before reappearing elsewhere like a ninja.
  • Nouten Saka Otoshi - Wraps its arms around its opponent before pulling them upside down, before driving both itself and its enemy into the ground.
  • Bungee Jump - Sticks the blades of its feet into a surface and does an incredibly powerful, spring-powered jump.

Typical Size

12 feet tall.

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