Level Adult
Attribute Beast Man
Type Data
Status Unrestricted


A Beast Man Digimon with the appearance of a humanoid white rabbit. Rexmon possess strong legs that allow them to race across the icy fields of their arctic habitat, while also giving it incredibly jumping power and great speed while swimming. The four protrusions on its back, as well as the claws on its hands and feet, are composed of super-cooled liquid, and as a result, are dangerous for any Digimon who lack an affinity for the element of ice to touch. Lekismon can wield these appendages as if they were an extra pair of limbs, and primarily use them for offense and defense. It wears a pair of gloves on its hands, called "Moon Gloves", can summon bubbles of water, which Rexmon can then use like boxing gloves. This water also has a hypnotic effect.

Rexmon are capricious Digimon, as their personalities are affected by the phases of the moon. Just how a Rexmon is affected by said phases differs from individual to individual, but it is not uncommon for one's spirits to be highest when the moon is full, while the waning of the moon makes them depressed or moody. However, the opposite could just as easily be true as well. Nevertheless, Rexmon are generally pleasant Digimon who don't go out of their way to be malicious or violent, though they can be rather mischievous and have a reputation for being tricksters. The Rexmon themselves insist that such things are "all in good fun". Rexmon also have a noted love of frozen treats, and are particularly known for munching on flavored icicles as if they were carrots.


  • Moon Night Bomb - Punches, sending out explosive bubbles from its paws. These bubbles can either do damage or have a hypnotic effect that lulls an enemy to sleep, depending on Rexmon's mood.
  • Moon Night Kick - Jumps into the air and attacks with a powerful downward kick.
  • Tear Arrow - Fires off an arrow of ice from one of the fluid, ice-like protrusions growing from its back.

Typical Size

6 to 8 feet tall.

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