Perfect Level

Perfect is the fifth level of Digimon development, and the first that most Digimon are not expected to achieve without special effort.

Perfect-level Digimon occupy a tier above the broad spectrum of Adult-level combat abilities; though it is possible for a skilled Adult-level or group of Adult-levels to pose a threat to a Perfect-level, they are typically much stronger, possessing greater data density. Their longevity is also extended by their evolution. Evolution past the Perfect-level was once extremely rare and is still very uncommon, so in many places, they are treated as being the top tier of Digimon as they are by those around them.

For Digimon under the care of a Tamer, the Perfect-level is much more attainable in much less time than it is for an unpartnered Digimon. However, Jump Evolution to the Perfect-level requires a high degree of synchronization and a significant contribution of data from a Tamer, and is a physically strenuous experience for the Digimon that undergoes it, so it is not without challenge.

List of Digimon

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