Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Dragon
Status Unrestricted


A Dragon Digimon whose body is mostly comprised of ice. The icy wings on its back allow it to fly through the air at reasonably high speeds, though it is no match for the likes of Coredramon or Airdramon. It also possesses strong claws, comprised of multiple layers of permafrost, and along with its teeth, are some of the most durable parts of Paledramon's body. Paledramon's greatest strength, however, is its mastery over the element of Ice. As a consequence, however, Paledramon are extremely susceptible to heat-based attacks, and simply being around a high-temperature Digimon, such as Meramon, will cause Paledramon to deteriorate.

Paledramon possess a strong level of camaraderie, and as a result, tend to have positive relationships with their neighbors. They tend to even subvert the typical rivalry that develops between Dragon and Beast-species Digimon by getting along with the likes of Garurumon, Grizzmon, and Ikkakumon. Paledramon feed entirely on ice, which means they aren't predators (though one assumes they could feed upon the likes of Yukidarumon, if they were so inclined…), so it is rare for other Digimon to see them as a threat. Due to their constitution, most Paledramon prefer to remain in cold-weather environments; however, they can handle temperate climes better than, say, Blucomon, so it is not unheard of them to travel, and it is more simply unusual.


  • Ice Age - Breathes out a blast of freezing air, covering its opponent's body in ice.
  • Meteor Hail - Covers its entire body in a layer of ice and flies up, dropping down on its opponent like a heavy block of ice.

Typical Size

10 to 15 feet tall.

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