Other Attributes

Free Attribute

Digimon with the Free attribute are generally species that came to exist in the ancient Digital World before the Data, Virus, and Vaccine attributes developed, and which have not changed to incorporate those attributes since their speciation. Some Free-attribute Digimon are not as ancient, but are directly descended or derived from other Free-attribute species, and retain the Free attribute as a throwback trait.

List of Free Attribute Digimon

Variable Attribute

Digimon of the Variable attribute have a unique combat adaptation that responds to the attribute of their opponent and mimics its properties. In the modern Digital World, like other matchups between attributes, this adaptation makes very little appreciable difference in battle, but it probably was once a powerful defensive ability.

List of Variable Attribute Digimon

Unknown Attribute

The Unknown attribute is a more modern deviation from the standard attributes. While the Free attribute behaves like a lack of the three normal attributes, and Variable behaves like a combination of all three, the Unknown attribute encompasses Digimon whose data structure completely defies attribute classifications.

List of Unknown Attribute Digimon

No Attribute

Digimon of the Baby and Fresh level may have some characteristics of certain attributes, but their Digicores exist in a state of partial development and rapid growth,

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