Otamamon (X-Antibody)
Otamamon (X-Antibody)
Level Child
Attribute Virus
Type Amphibian


An Otamamon which possesses the X-Antibody has undergone further mutations, causing its body to swell to a larger size. Its large size is due to the increase in size of its vocal chords, but its round appearance is due to something else. It seems that the data of a Mamemon-species Digimon was absorbed along with the X-Antibody, causing Otamamon to mimic its appearance and gain a royal crown and jewelry. As a result, it possesses a charm effect that causes others to regard it with a sense of awe. Thanks to their larger vocal chords, the kinds of vocalizations an Otamamon can create have increased, giving it a wide range as far as singing ability goes.

An Otamamon that X-Evolves from a red-colored Otamamon retains its red coloration and Data Attribute.


  • Lullaby Bubble - Breathes out a stream of bubbles containing sound waves. When popped, the song within makes the target drowsy or puts them to sleep. Thanks to its greater singing ability, this effect is much stronger and harder to resist. Otamamon which X-Evolve from red Otamamon do not have access to this attack.
  • Smiley Headbutt - Delivers a powerful and heavy headbutt thanks to its greater size.
  • All of Otamamon's other attacks are retained by Otamamon (X-Antibody) as well, depending on which digimon it X-Evolved from. If Otamamon did not X-Evolve from another Digimon, it will default to having a normal Otamamon's additional attacks.

Typical Size

4 to five 5 feet in diameter and 4 to 5 feet tall.


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