Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Puppet
Status Unrestricted


A Puppet Digimon that has taken on the likeness of a particular Royal Knight. Looking at Omekamon, it should be obvious that its resemblance to that particular Royal Knight is entirely cosmetic, and not due to any shared data between the two species. Its armor is made of construction paper and its features are all scrawled on with a marker, leading researchers to believe that Omekamon's data actually originates from a digital art program, and that the species' resemblance to a particular Royal Knight was decided upon out of admiration or a desire to emulate it. Omekamon's weapons are its own plastic-like body, which is oddly hard like Chrome Digizoid, a digital marker, and a paint rocket. The marker can only be used as a melee weapon, and to draw a new expression on Omekamon's face whenever it wants to express different emotions.

Omekamon have a reputation for being miscreants, but this is mostly due to their creative drive to paint and draw at every opportunity, so they often leave graffiti in their wake. Omekamon's artistic endeavors are the result of a limited self image, as they see themselves as akin to a blank canvas. This undoubtedly ties into their emulation of a particular Royal Knight, suggesting that Omekamon wish to be honored and loved just as much as that particular Royal Knight is. Omekamon that live for a long time without evolving have a more developed self image, and may choose to modify their appearance artistically so that they resemble other Digimon instead, or in some cases, they wear a unique appearance all their own.


  • Omeka Kick - Delivers a flying mid-air kick.
  • Graffiti Rocket - Fires the paint rocket it carries on its back, dousing the opponent with paint.

Typical Size

5 feet tall.

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