Attribute Data
Type Bird
Status Unrestricted


A subspecies of Penmon adapted to life in tropical environments. It's believed that Muchomon originated from a Penmon population that became isolated on an island whose climate rapidly changed, and changed in order to survive. Since then, they have spread through the Digital World's warmer waters, and are common on archipelagos and coastal beaches. Muchomon have carefree attitudes like Penmon, and due to living in less harsh environments, they show their enthusiasm freely by dancing, making art, and decorating their already bright plumage. These interests bring them and Psychemon together; the two species famously get along very well. Meanwhile, they have a steep and notorious rivalry with Swimmon, a species that Muchomon competes with for food and is even known to feed on.


  • Tropical Beak - Pecks furiously with its brightly colored beak.
  • Ardent Flair - Dances cheerfully, sending out waves of burning heat all around it.
  • Counter Slap - Anticipates the opponent's attack, letting them get in close, before dodging and delivering a powerful slap with its wings.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives

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