Level Adult
Attribute Data|Unknown
Type Beast|Unknown
Status Unrestricted


A Beast Digimon of diminutive size despite being an Adult Level Digimon, which resembles the maine coon breed of cat. Due to its cat-like appearance and the fact that its strength is belied by its size, Meicoomon are often compared to Tailmon, and indeed, analysis of its DigiCore has proven that Meicoomon is indeed a member of the Tailmon-species, albeit with significant divergences. Meicoomon have a flat tail that tapers into two twisting ends, as well as feelers growing from its neck, which it uses to either feel around or shroud itself. Both its feelers and its dense fur serve to protect Meicoomon from the elements… as well as making it extremely cuddly.

Typically, Meicoomon are mild-mannered as far as Digimon go, as well as highly affectionate and nonviolent. However, in times of stress, Meicoomon will undergo a dramatic transformation. Not only does its body grow in size, Meicoomon also develops long, vicious-claws, as well as a longer tail and feelers which now function like stingers. In this form, Meicoomon transforms into an Unknown-Type like Keramon and Chrysalimon, making it dangerous disruptive to the data around it while also increasing its savageness and aggression. How this occurs is unknown, as Meicoomon's DigiCore shows no evidence of this duality until its transformation occurs, and it will disappear when Meicoomon transforms back to its normal form. Those with Meicoomon as a Digimon partner are advised to treat it with caution and help it develop emotional security, as Meicoomon will fail to distinguish friend from foe once it has transformed.


  • Trichobezoar - Spits out a flaming hairball that destroys or disrupts data.
  • X Scratch - Swipes both sets of claws on its forepaws, creating an x-shaped vacuum energy wave.
  • Shut Claw - Swipes with one set of claws, briefly shutting down the function of one of the opponent's abilities.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet tall, 4 to 5 feet tall when transformed.

Sub-species and Relatives

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