Lopmon (X-Antibody)
Lopmon (X-Antibody)
Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Beast


A Plotmon which possesses the X-Antibody has undergone further mutations, causing its ears to grow much longer and for puffs of fur to grow on its ears, tail, and chest. This fur is lighter and more bouyant than air, allowing Lopmon to float just as easily as it might walk on the ground. With its transformation, Lopmon has become less shy and more personable, and are happy to drift through the air as opposed to hiding underground. This positive demeanor persists even with the stigma X-Antibody Digimon face. The jewelry on its left ear is called the "Chen Garnet, and it allows Lopmon to know where its comrades are at all times.


  • Fi-Rost Typhoon - Breathes in air and releases it in the form of scorching hot and freezing cold air, burning and freezing the opponent at the same time. It can perform this attack with a Terriermon that has the X-Antibody, replacing their Double Typhoon technique.
  • All of Lopmon and InternLopmon's other attacks are retained by Lopmon (X-Antibody) as well, depending on which digimon it X-Evolved from. If Lopmon did not X-Evolve from another Digimon, it will default to having a normal Lopmon's additional attacks.

Typical Size

2 to 3 feet tall, with ears up to 6 feet in length.


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