Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Beast
Status Unrestricted


A Beast Digimon clad in black armor. In ancient times, Digimon could only assume this form when using a Digimental associated with the Crest of Friendship through Armor Evolution. However, in modern times, any Digimon who meets the qualities to tap into the Crest of Friendship can evolve into this Digimon. Despite being a "Dramon", Lighdramon is classified as a Beast Type due to the presence of a great deal of Beast-species data in its DigiCore; this data is similar to that of Garurumon and its relatives. Lighdramon is a swift, four-footed beast that has a strong command of the aspect of Thunder. It can strike like lightning, overwhelming its opponents with its swift movements and electrical attacks. Lighdramon's running speed is among the highest of all four-footed, land-based Digimon, and can even carry a human-sized person on its back without losing speed. All of these qualities have henceforth earned it the nickname "The Blue Lighting".

Lighdramon is strongly associated with the Crest of Friendship, and is regarded as a symbol of loyalty and brotherhood. This reputation is well earned, as Lighdramon are very cooperative Digimon who show the ability to form pair bonds, even with members of another species. Lighdramon are fairly intelligent as Digimon go, but prefer to live wild and free rather than lay down roots somewhere. Lighdramon do not keep territory, but rather move about from place to place, so they have a wide habitat. It is not difficult to befriend a Lighdramon, but take heed: they do not suffer betrayal well, and angering one is akin to calling up a storm.


  • Blue Thunder - Generates electricity between the spikes on its back and releases a blast of blue-colored lightning at its opponent.
  • Lightning Blade - Fires a blade of electricity from the horn on its head.
  • Electric Bite - Bites its opponent with electrified fangs.
  • Thunderbolt - Fires a blast of electricity from its mouth.

Typical Size

10 feet tall, 18 feet long.

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