Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Bewitching Beast
Status Unrestricted


A Bewitching Beast Digimon with the form of a large nine-tailed fox with golden fur. It is said that of all the Fox-species Digimon of the Child level, only the most skilled and powerful can evolve into a Kyubimon. While Kyubimon's physical attack power isn't that considerable, the species expels in mysticism and attacking at a range. Its nine tails can generate fireballs that it can manipulate at will, which are called "will'o-the-wisps", as well as surround Kyubimon in spiritual fire. Kyubimon also have strong legs that can carry them swiftly or allow them to leap to considerable heights, making it appear as though Kyubimon is running through the sky. Nevertheless, they are not quite as fast as some of their sub-species.

Kyubimon's reputation throughout the Digital World tends to vary; someone Digimon regard them as omens of destruction, while others consider them to be messengers of peace. The reason for this is likely due to Kyubimon's reclusive and secretive nature, which lead to both rumors and confusion between it and some of its subspecies. Whatever the case may be, Kyubimon tend to be relatively non-aggressive most of the time, and keep to themselves. Some are drawn to places where Demon-species and Virus-Attribute Digimon propagate, and should their presence be disruptive, a Kyubimon might try to cleanse the area of their presence. Despite this, they exhibit no special inclination to work alongside Holy-species Digimon, and usually show dismissal towards groups like the Heavenly Host.


  • Koenryū - Surrounds itself in spiritual flames, taking on the appearance of a burning dragon, and rushes at the enemy, burning them.
  • Onibidama - Summons nine of its "will-o-the-wisps" from the tips of its tails and directs them to burn its opponent.
  • Koshūgeki - Surrounds the taijitu, or yin-yang symbol, on its forehead with spiritual fire and delivers a headbutt.
  • Amatsu-kitsune - Generates multiple "will'o-the-wisps" before gathering them into a single, huge one, and fires it at its opponent. Its size and power depends on how many "will'o-the-wisps" are gathered to create it.

Typical Size

8 feet tall, 10 feet long.

Sub-species and Relatives

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