Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Machine Dragon
Status Unrestricted


A Machine Dragon DigiCore blends Dragon-species data with that of a jet fighter. With its large, ungainly feet, Jazardmon appears clumsy and awkward. However, its feet are actually large rockets for vertical take-off-and-landing, and once it is airborne, Jazardmon turns incredibly fast and agile. With its sharp vision and mechanical eyes, it is an excellent Digimon for reconnaissance, and it can see in both thermal, ultrasound, and night vision, meaning there are few environments in which Jazardmon cannot observe its quarry. Thanks to its lightly armored body, Jazardmon can fly without being encumbered by weight, and the small amount of Blue Digizoid alloy incorporated into its system allows it to fly incredibly quickly. Finally, Jazardmon itself is immune to all forms of radar, allowing it to perform its tasks secretly. The species' primary weapons are the laser emitters in its eyes and the two cannons on its back, though the sharp edges of its wings can also be effective in a pinch.

As one might expect, Jazardmon is a highly sought after Digimon for military operations. Its skills make it a natural partner for Digimon like MailBirdramon, or serving as an escort for the likes of Blimpmon. However, while quite a few have been conscripted by organizations like the D-Brigade, a great many Jazardmon have refused or fled such organizations, preferring to remain free and not serve others. It is not uncommon for Jazardmon to form flocks—or more accurately, squadrons—in order to hunt and better protect one another. Jazardmon prefer to be on the move, with their flight patterns carrying them all across the Digital World, and they grow restless when forced to stay in one place for too long.


  • Laser Eye - Fires sweeping laser beams from its eyes.
  • Sonic Vulcan - Fires high-speed machinegun blasts from the cannons on its shoulders.

Typical Size

Height 5 feet, wingspan of 10 feet.

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