Impmon (X-Antibody)
Impmon (X-Antibody)
Level Child
Attribute Virus
Type Small Devil


An Impmon which possesses the X-Antibody has undergone further mutations, though its body has not appeared to change that significantly. It's biggest difference is a longer scarf and the presence of an eyepatch, which does not actually protect anything. Impmon who possess the X-Antibody typically become more aloof, and believe that by removing their eyepatch, they will unleash dormant power hidden within their bodies… but doing so doesn't actually have an effect on its techniques at all. These Impmon are also prone to behaving rather dramatically, and delivering grandiose, confusing speeches about darkness. Nevertheless, its aloofness has done nothing to change Impmon's insecurities, save for giving it a strong desire to be taken seriously for reinventing itself.

If Impmon X-Evolves from a black-colored Impmon, it will retain their black coloration and Data Attribute, and use different elemental attacks.


  • Summon Chaser - Summons elementals of fire and ice (or wind and water, if it X-Evolved from a black Impmon) to relentlessly chase the opponent down.
  • All of Impmon and Impmon (Black)'s other attacks are retained by Impmon (X-Antibody) as well, depending on which digimon it X-Evolved from. If Impmon did not X-Evolve from another Digimon, it will default to having a normal Impmon's additional attacks.

Typical Size

2 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet tall.


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