Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Beast
Status Unrestricted


A Beast Digimon with the features of a Bird Digimon, wearing an armored, winged helmet. In ancient times, Digimon could only assume this form when using a Digimental associated with the Crest of Love through Armor Evolution. However, in modern times, any Digimon who meets the qualities to tap into the Crest of Love can evolve into this Digimon. Horusmon bear a strong connection to the aspect of Wind, and despite not having true wings, are top notch aerial dogfighters, with speed and manueverability comparable to a jet plane's. Thanks to combining the aerial abilities of a bird with the form of a beast, Horusmon is also an adept fighter on land, though its legs cannot carry it quite as fast as it moves in the air. Much like Aquilamon, Horusmon possesses sharp eyesight, but thanks to its beast-like attributes, it also possesses excellent senses of hearing and smell as well.

Horusmon have long since been seen as symbols of protective love and passion, just like Birdramon, and they carry themselves with a knight-like air, just like Aquilamon. Unlike the latter species, however, Horusmon are nomadic, and do not typically possess a set territory. Horusmon's range usually carries them through rivers, fields, prairies, and river deltas. The species has a strong connection with ruins associated with the ancient Digital World, and will instinctively gather to protect such sights from invaders and pillagers. The species also has a strong rivalry with Sethmon, with their enmity towards one another going spoken of in legends and folklore for generations.


  • Tempest Wing - Spins its body, whipping up a violent tornado.
  • Mach Impulse - Fires energy blades from both of the wings on its helmet.
  • Red Sun - Fires beams from both its eyes at its opponent.
  • Udjat Gaze - Releases a cursed energy wave from its eyes, hypnotizing its opponent.

Typical Size

10 feet tall, 18 feet long.

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