Growmon (Orange)
Growmon (Orange)
Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Demon Dragon
Status Unrestricted


A sub-species of Growmon with bright orange-colored, almost golden-looking scales. It is for that reason it has earned the nickname of the "Golden Demon Dragon". Though it still bears the marks that signify the presence of the Digital Hazard, the fact that this Growmon is of the Data-Attribute means that its power is almost entirely suppressed. Of the three Growmon varieties, orange Growmon are the most mild-mannered and the least aggressive. That is not to say that they should be underestimated, as they possess the same natural weapons and attacks as BlackGrowmon and their shared type-species.

Orange Guilmon are known for their measured demeanor and seemingly inborn wisdom. Some speculate that orange Growmon subconsciously retain experiences from their past life cycles, prior to being reborn as DigEggs, but this is impossible to prove. In any case, their nature, in some ways, makes them more dangerous to face in battle than even BlackGrowmon, as their more measured and informed approach leads to Growmon making fewer unnecessary movements and taking less needless risks when fighting. Most orange Growmon are wild, surveying their territory and protecting most who live in it, but a few of them have been known to dwell among civilization.


  • Exhaust Flame - Breathes a powerful stream of fire from its mouth.
  • Plasma Blade - Surrounds the blades on its arms with electrified plasma, and either slashes the opponent with them, or throws out a blade of plasma by swinging its arm.
  • Howling - Roars, creating a powerful shockwave that shakes the earth.
  • Grow Claw - Delivers a heavy slash with the claws of both arms.

Typical Size

2 to 3 stories tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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