Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Cyborg
Status Unrestricted


A Cyborg Digimon that resembles the mythological creature known as the kappa, fused with the design data of a compact disk player. How exactly this particular combination of information occurred is mysterious, but it is not dissimilar to Kamemon's relation to both a turtle and a computer mouse. Gawappamon may be Cyborg Digimon, but it's body is more similar to that of a Puppet's, with a soft but flexible body whose limbs can extend greatly. The disk player on Gawappamon's head is always running, and should it ever be stopped or damaged somehow, a Gawappamon will become depressed and unable to move around. The shell on its back defends it from attacks from behind.

Gawappamon are extremely cheerful Digimon who love music and are generally playful. Unlike the kappas of legend, they are not particularly fearsome and get along well with most other Digimon. They live primarily in the water (their electronic portions are still somehow waterproof), whether they live in the wild or near civilization. Gawappamon love to share their music with whomever is willing, and some will even venture outside of their habitat in order to pursue careers as performers. They seem to prefer pop, rock music, rap, and hip hop, but this is by no means universal, as there are many Gawappamon who prefer classical, country, synth, and all other kinds of music instead.


  • DJ Shooter - Throws out the CDs on its head like buzzsaws. They are even capable of cutting stone or steel.
  • Gawappunch - Extends one of its arms, hitting the opponent with a powerful punch.
  • Gawappa Rapper - Performs an energetic dance while using its CD player to play loud music, distracting the opponent so it can hit them with a strong kick.

Typical Size

5 to 6 feet tall.

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