Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Beast
Status Unrestricted


A Beast Digimon with the appearance of wolf covered in blue, white, and silver-colored fur. This fur is its most defining feature, as it is composed entirely of a substance known as "mythril", which gives the hairs of its body hardness and sharpness similar to that of blades. The hairs growing from its back and mane are particularly dangerous, as anyone who is brushed by them receives lacerations. The mythril fur also serves as a form of armor, which protects a Garurumon from enemy blows. In addition, Garurumon are armed with strong jaws and crunching fangs, and have powerful legs that allow them to run at high speeds for long periods of time.

Garurumon originated in frozen lands, where they honed their combat instincts in a harsh and inhospitable environment, resulting in their becoming fast, strong, and hardy predators. They have the ability to use both Fire and Ice elemental attacks, which made them particularly versatile in their habitat. Garurumon have since spread throughout the Digital World's forests, where they prefer to roam free. Despite this "lone wolf" attitude, it is not uncommon for them to form pack bonds with other Garurumon or Beast-species Digimon. They also tend to form "parent" and "cub" pairs with Gabumon, who follow them out of admiration and to harvest their shed data for their pelts. Because Gabumon often evolve into Garurumon, and are rarely seen without their pelts, this has led to the popular saying: "Which came first, the Gabumon, or the Garurumon?" Garurumon also have a longstanding association with Greymon, due to the two species' history of interaction dating back to the days of the Warrior Ten.


  • Fox Fire - Breathes a blast of blue, high-temperature fangs at its opponent.
  • Body Blow - Runs its opponent down with all its strength, lacerating them with its razor-sharp fur.
  • Garuru Thrust - Leaps at the opponent and spins at high speeds horizontally like a buzzsaw, slicing at the opponent with its mythril fur.
  • Ice Cannon - Breathes out a blast of super-cold air, flash freezing moisture in the air into cannonball-like projectiles of ice.

Typical Size

10 feet tall, 18 feet long.

Sub-species and Relatives


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