Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Beast
Status Unrestricted


Gaogamon is a large Beast Digimon that resembles the Japanese dog breed, the akita. Its fur color and overall appearance suggest that Gaogamon first emerged as a direct evolution of Gaomon, before it became possible for other Digimon to evolve into it. Where Gaomon's claws were fragile, Gaogamon's have become sharp and durable, causing it to rely on slashing attacks instead of physical blows. The long scarves on its back function as if they were a set of arms, and are capable of grabbing hold of or wrapping around other Digimon and either grappling with them, binding them, or throwing them into the air. Gaogamon also have a speed rivaling that of Garurumon, along with leg strength that allows them to rear up on their hind legs as if they were a bear. Combined with a command over the aspect of Wind, Gaogamon are easily a match for other Adult-Level Beast-species Digimon.

As it has the form of a dog, so too does Gaogamon have a canine's typical sense of loyalty and dedication to its masters. They are usually more serious and focused than real canines, however, though they can be encouraged to show their playful and friendly side to trusted friends. Unlike Garurumon and its subspecies, Gaogamon are more "domesticated", and are usually found living in or around civilization. That is not to say they are less ferocious than wild Digimon are, as a Gaogamon will staunchly run to the defense of those it has sworn to protect. Despite not forming packs, Gaogamon excel when coordinating with other creatures, and take orders extremely well. They are also known to get along with other canine-like Digimon, such as Dobermon and Galgomon, as well as its lesser evolved predecessors, the Gaomon.


  • Spiral Blow - Breathes out a spiraling vortex of wind that can tear its opponent apart.
  • Dash Double Claw - Runs at its foe with speed and leaps up, slashing them with the claws on both its fore-paws.
  • Gaoga Hound - Grabs the enemy with its scarves and bites at them ferociously.

Typical Size

10 feet tall, 18 feet long.

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