Gabumon (X-Antibody)
Gabumon (X-Antibody)
Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Beast


A Gabumon which possesses the X-Antibody has undergone further mutations, causing the data of its pelt to be integrated into its body, giving Gabumon the traits of a Garurumon-species Digimon and transforming it from a Reptile to Beast-Type Digimon. One could say that this has made Gabumon's pelt more a part of its body than a simple adornment, but it can still be removed, and if it is taken, Gabumon will still grow shy and fearful of being seen. A Gabumon with the X-Antibody possesses a Beast-Type Digimon's fierce combat instincts, as well as heightened senses of sight, hearing, and smell. When it wears its pelt, it favors rough, dirty styles of fighting, and wears the claws on its left side over its arm, using them as a weapon.

A Gabumon which X-Evolves from a black-colored Gabumon retains its dark colors as well as its Virus Attribute.


  • Petit Fire Hook - Covers the left hand of its pelt with its Petit Fire, and then delivers a flaming punch.
  • All of Gabumon and Gabumon Black's other attacks are retained by Gabumon (X-Antibody) as well, depending on which digimon it X-Evolved from. If Gabumon did not X-Evolve from another Digimon, it will default to having a normal Gabumon's additional attacks.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet tall.


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