Fresh level

Fresh is the first level of Digimon development. Most Digimon hatch directly from a DigiEgg into a species of the Fresh level.

They have little to no combat capabilities and rely on stealth, luck, or the care of stronger Digimon to survive.

List of Digimon

u642HjA.png gh33XSp.png MmpDm19.png firtzJX.png 3KSSGul.png 7JDJGDU.png RuNY7qh.png 9ETrdfg.png 8T87qLP.png TS9t66f.png
Bommon Botamon Bubbmon Chibickmon Chicomon Choromon Cocomon Cotsucomon Dodomon Fufumon
L7yHp3n.png rRPPodU.png 0kt43V4.png YdGhVeX.png C74k22h.png R2zKBoE.png O4v8UIw.png ATwc5ph.png ILjtsk3.png UaJBHR5.png
Jyarimon Ketomon Kiimon Kuramon Leafmon Mokumon Nyokimon Pafumon Paomon Petitmon
9eIY3Al.png SR1L3FP.png pSUb2OX.png VGTd7Au.png y4ORpRH.png s4AJ2DY.png iLCzNV5.png 6eYnpzL.png mJ0csUf.png NvKobTN.png
Pipimon Pitchmon Popomon Poyomon Punimon Pupumon Pururumon Puttimon Puwamon Relemon
IWaiVp1.png CLlAkr6.png gBkzCmT.png b1EbEgt.png 9Xt8qsv.png PhMyzSP.png
Sakumon Tsubumon YukimiBotamon Yuramon Zerimon Zurumon
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