Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Beast Man
Status Unrestricted


A Beast Man Digimon with fur like spikes growing out of its body. These spikes are hard enough and sharp enough to be used as weapons, but are not comprised of mythril as with Garurumon, but rather, are simply packed so densely and so finely that they have become akin to metal. The same hardness extends to a Filmon's claws, which are so razor-sharp that they can slice through all varieties of Chrome Digizoid besides Red and Gold. Its spikes and claws are conductive, allowing Filmon to channel the electricity naturally generated by their bodies through them.

Despite their aggressive and brutal-looking natural weapons, Filmon are not particularly savage Digimon, and instead tend to exhibit carefree and peaceful personalities. They tend to prefer to live in the wilderness. Filmon are mostly herbivorous, though they are known to prey upon less-evolved Insect-species Digimon. They tend to make nests in the trunks of trees, which they carve using their spikes and claws, and then fill them with soft and fine material for them to rest upon. When provoked, Filmon tend to turn relentlessly savage, though this is only a defense mechanism—once a threat has been subdued, they leave it alone and go upon their way.


  • Lightning Stinger - Shoots its spikes at its opponent with the intention of piercing them, and then channels electricity through them and into the opponent's body, attacking their data directly.
  • Crimson Slash - Slashes repeatedly with the red claws on its arms.

Typical Size

7 to 10 feet tall.

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