Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Beast Dragon
Status Unrestricted


Dorugamon exhibits the aspects of both a Beast-species and a Dragon-species Digimon, resulting in a combination of traits that are rare not just among Adult-Level Digimon, but Digimon as a whole. The data of the Garurumon-species in particular seems to have manifested in Dorugamon, due to the presence of mythril in the fur that covers its entire body. This makes Dorugamon naturally armored, while still making it light enough to run swiftly and fly through the air with its draconic wings. Dorugamon's association with metal does not end there, as it is able to fire metal projectiles from its mouth as weapons, or gird itself so that it becomes like a heavy iron ball itself. Dorugamon's flying abilities are not as high as other Dragon-species Digimon with wings, but they are more competent than they are lacking in this area.

As a combination of both a Beast-species and a Dragon-species' data, Dorugamon can be especially ferocious, though they aren't unintelligent. Their savagery is usually saved for when they are themselves or attacked or when they are hunting for prey. They tend to be docile in every other instance, and will allow others to approach them so long as they don't present themselves as a threat. Though the species is typically smaller than most other Beast and Dragon-species Digimon, Dorugamon's abilities are well known and respected among other Digimon, so they rarely have a need to prove themselves. Due to their combination of traits and ability to fly, Dorugamon have a wide habitat.


  • Power Metal - Fires a single large iron ball from its mouth.
  • Cannonball - Dashes while firing smaller cannonballs, followed by it curling up into a ball and throwing itself forward like one as a "coup de grĂ¢ce". A Dorugamon may choose to forego the first part and only perform the latter portion of the attack, or vice versa.

Typical Size

6 feet tall, 8 feet long from nose to tail.

Sub-species and Relatives

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