Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Dragon Man
Status Unrestricted


A Dragon Man Digimon whose Digicore contains information from a database on the speculative evolution of extinct Dinosaurs, causing it to take the appearance of a humanoid saurian. Thus, its abilities are a combination of a humanoid's agility and intelligence, and a dinosaur's strength and ferocity. DinoHumon are both strong and nimble, which affords them well in their use of the bladed weapons it carries. The large sword on a DinoHumon's back is called "Akinakes", and despite being enormous, DinoHumon are able to wield it as if it were light as if it were an extension of themselves. Combined with their intelligence, DinoHumon also possess great problem-solving abilities, and can overcome an opponent using their wits, even if their skills as a warrior happen to be greater.

Despite their physical prowess, DinoHumon are relatively peaceful Digimon when left alone. They tend to dwell in areas considered "remote" by other Digimon who dwell in civilization, but are not "wild" Digimon. They tend to live in small communities, tending to and working with the land to survive. These communities do not solely include other DinoHumon, but can also contain other Digimon with whom they share a habitat, as well as Child-Level Digimon who are capable of evolving into DinoHumon. Because DinoHumon are warm-blooded Digimon, they can dwell in almost any location, from humid jungles, to frigid tundras.


  • Akinakes - Swings the massive sword on its back, attempting to cleave its opponent in twain.
  • Lizard Dance - Attacks with a series of quick, powerful slices from the blades on both its arms, as well as its smaller shortsword.

Typical Size

6 to 7 feet tall.

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