Child Level

Child is the third level of Digimon development. At this level, all traits that define a Digimon are expressed, such as attribute, combat ability, and species data.

It is the first prolonged settled period of a Digimon's lifespan, lasting months to years to decades depending on the rate of data intake and refinement and on environmental pressures. Child-level Digimon are small, but are much more developed than at the Fresh- or Baby-level, and the ratio of data that is latent in their Digicore versus expressed in their physical features drops dramatically. Despite being so much more defined, their data is still rapidly modifying based on outside influences, and their evolutionary potential remains highly volatile.

List of Digimon

dUY9cao.png gojdC8H.png iZb7XDk.png YAdd5BA.png cmJIKqK.png VxIS5as.png XGphU3s.png Rqid8qm.png 9zR4PNp.png l5KzPyS.png
Agumon Agumon (Variant) Agumon (Black) SnowAgumon BushiAgumon ProfessorAgumon ProfauxssorAgumon Armadimon Armadimon (Silver) Bakomon
c6NwTX0.png 9l1riPp.png NLN0onw.png KFo3hHi.png jKpRqUh.png YPGOFKw.png ELMvodW.png hXjSAHB.png KnqO64x.png Q7U1ZL0.png
Bakumon Bearmon Betamon ModokiBetamon Blucomon Bokomon Burgamon (Child) EbiBurgamon Candmon Chuumon
pCpvlRt.png a9eMslR.png QmkWhyf.png mSOm3iP.png P4yafsC.png F6Al72Q.png qiyOmDn.png c4oL2bH.png vT6iKpT.png u5ISlwg.png
Chuchumon Commandramon Coronamon Cutemon Dondokomon Dorumon Dracomon Dracumon Elecmon Elecmon (Violet)
NdarZwA.png gEhgzNQ.png yUvoB4P.png eIEGSr9.png oJZEuls.png 0dLbO9F.png 4Olsp8A.png SHTWhMo.png L6HDJV4.png aiw9Esi.png
Falcomon Falcomon (Variant) Fanbeemon Flamon Floramon Gabumon Gabumon (Black) Psychemon Ganimon Gaomon
czsVgix.png wGWBE6D.png 7q1n8ue.png 0moaRd0.png zWRhV70.png DhDr5Re.png q1v2viz.png VyNtfwt.png fKHXdQx.png FdhI2Ua.png
Gaomon (Black) Gaossmon Gazimon Gizamon Goblimon Shamamon SnowGoblimon Gomamon Gotsumon Guilmon
SyLFHS6.png 83PQZP0.png REdjqp8.png w3hw3v4.png jX0Cvd8.png FYuuSZE.png EUXYUju.png QqsFU8C.png PPiYtXi.png HKi0YV3.png
Guilmon (Black) Guilmon (Orange) Gumdramon Hackmon Hagurumon Solarmon Hawkmon Hawkmon (Brown) Herissmon Hubmon
jocnRto.png K84r2Ma.png H8ik1mp.png WEkWqAW.png 47OCSNc.png bJcu701.png ODid6Xv.png HquvKPp.png ThU31u4.png qoqVCDh.png
Hyokomon Impmon Impmon (Black) Jazamon Kamemon Keramon KoDokugumon Koemon KoKabuterimon Kokuwamon
UPKm1WT.png zqV8caA.png 6y6sSbm.png oQBupZk.png eRqc7Uk.png TEEgdKW.png 0zK8geu.png JBeG9hY.png oqDBfGf.png 2eAAjzH.png
Kotemon Kudamon Kudamon (Variant) Kunemon DoKunemon Labramon Lalamon Liormon Lopmon InternLopmon
o8RBLoU.png kdrxaVd.png R4wJeR6.png EHbCaBs.png QcMbsQT.png 2pIq4n6.png JkJZqr7.png q1qyiPa.png yCDj7Uo.png bZTRNgB.png
Ludomon Lunamon Monitamon Monodramon Morphomon Mushmon Neemon Otamamon Otamamon (Red) Palmon
GF6NpCf.png La7YdfS.png 5GQvfDa.png NVQMzyK.png oPvBgoi.png tN6ClTh.png hgjWfd9.png swlSC36.png 9LcssZ3.png EIDhCop.png
Alraumon Patamon Tsukaimon PawnChessmon (Black) PawnChessmon (White) Penmon Muchomon PetitMamon Phascomon PicoDevimon
zxdbYQ4.png 4zF4WAI.png RRAE3Je.png fmAYQXp.png lDkzHeo.png O7P8E7V.png Bh0znQb.png egVGxAw.png yGtRlJY.png 5Zf4x9H.png
Piyomon Plotmon Plotmon (Grey) Renamon Renamon (Silver) Ryudamon Shoutmon Shoutmon (Black) Sistermon Blanc Soundbirdmon
nqWwcTP.png sUHF31d.png Obdk9Qm.png fke8NIx.png L6e2CaU.png uwcSdMr.png MGHSOAc.png Js1rZBG.png iwFPkax.png 5FEYZBN.png
Spadamon Starmon (Child) Strabimon Swimmon Syakomon Tentomon Tentomon (Yellow) Terriermon InternTerriermon Tinkermon
sGSN36U.png fjhiIkA.png cb18Iz7.png oiKA2Po.png HXek9NQ.png Ow0fj1l.png GtLQ9BZ.png IkCOBcS.png Ad9YpkI.png mGBJzci.png
ToyAgumon ToyAgumon (Black) ClearAgumon V-mon V-mon (Black) Vorvomon Wormmon Wormmon (Red) Zenimon Zubamon

List of X-Antibody Digimon

nQbGw0x.png 9mHcv5D.png 1D4BkLe.png 9N3I0c0.png GmMJdSj.png ZLyaxqs.png fooDdso.png rUWQSQ2.png mSshrOT.png 2OZaz5O.png
Agumon X Agumon X (Black) Betamon X Dracomon X Gabumon X Ganimon X Gazimon X Gomamon X Gotsumon X Guilmon X
HEHJrU3.png z8Uvzx0.png LEERDkq.png eTE8ag8.png gbsFu7r.png UEYeUMg.png FA4znKQ.png 1SfcWXl.png YAHkaJV.png PEeHpUB.png
Hagurumon X Keramon X Kokuwamon X Lopmon X Otamamon X Palmon X Plotmon X Renamon X Syakomon X Terriermon X

List of Digimon not currently allowed as Partners

Arkadimon Child
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