Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Beast
Status Unrestricted


A subspecies of Gaogamon with dark-colored fur. Its body has incorporated data from the super-dense substance, Black Digitron, which makes its body more durable at the cost of its speed. In contrast to Gaogamon, which is believed to have originally arisen from the Gaomon population, it is believed that BlackGaomon mutated from other Gaogamon and that black-colored Gaomon incorporated Black Digitron in order to increase their potential to evolve into this form. Despite appearing identical to Gaogamon in terms of overall proportion, BlackGaogamon are significantly heavier. Along with the aforementioned drop in speed, the species is also less agile, and tends to favor enduring attacks while charging in to deliver its opponents a hard hitting blow. Its scarves are also tougher, but they cannot be wielded as skillfully as Gaogamon's due to being less flexible. As a trade off, BlackGaogamon's claws and teeth are all more durable than their type-species'.

BlackGaogamon are just as loyal as their type-species, but tend to be less disciplined. They have a harder time controlling their emotions, and can quickly be launched into a frenzy should they start to get too into a battle they're fighting. Outside of fighting, BlackGaogamon tend to favor relaxing and playing more than Gaogamon do, and will eagerly do whatever it sets its mind to regardless of whether or not it's inconvenient for others. They tend to react badly to admonishment, and will either go depressed or become even more stubborn when given criticism. BlackGaogamon that live in the wild are also rather territorial, and show a particular hostility towards other Beast-species Digimon, including the likes of Raiamon and Lynxmon.


  • Spiral Blow - Breathes out a spiraling vortex of wind that can tear its opponent apart.
  • Dash Double Claw - Runs at its foe and leaps up, slashing them with the claws on both its fore-paws. Its slashes are slower than Gaogamon's, but are individually stronger.
  • Gaoga Hound - Grabs the enemy with its scarves and bites at them ferociously.

Typical Size

10 feet tall, 18 feet long.

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