Betamon (X-Antibody)
Betamon (X-Antibody)
Level Child
Attribute Virus
Type Aquatic


A Betamon which possesses the X-Antibody has undergone further mutations, causing it to become more adapted to life as a Digimon who lives in the water. Because its abilities in the water have significantly increased, it has been reclassified as an Aquatic Digimon. Thanks to its claws and greater number of fins, Betamon's abilities in battle have increased as well, making it more dangerous as an opponent. Due to its greater physical prowess, Betamon's range has increased as well, and it will migrate to other watery areas besides rivers, lakes, and swamps.


  • Electric Shocker 185V - Releases a powerful electric current of up to 185 volts from its body.
  • Beta Slugger - Throws the three sharp fins on its back outward like boomerangs.
  • All of Betamon or ModokiBetamon's other attacks are retained by Betamon (X-Antibody) as well, depending on which Digimon it X-Evolved from. If Betamon did not X-Evolve from another Digimon, it will default to having a normal Betamon's additional attacks.

Typical Size

Around 2 1/2 feet from nose to tail.


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