Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Dinosaur
Status Unrestricted


An evolved Dinosaur Type Digimon of the Hackmon-species, which reached this form after experiencing considerable challenges as a Child-Level Digimon. Its instincts, technique, and physical strength have all been honed, making it into a battle-ready Digimon capable of meeting almost any challenger. Almost every part of a BaoHackmon's body can serve as a weapon, from its sharp claws, to its pointed fangs, to the extra-durable blade of Red Digizoid at the end of its tail. Even their lower legs have become blades, making it so that BaoHackmon are rarely ever wanting for a means to defend themselves.

Despite having attained their current level of skill and power, BaoHackmon are always training their minds and bodies in order to improve themselves even further. However, upon evolving, it is not uncommon for a BaoHackmon's new level of maturity to manifest as concern for others, whether it be as a protector, or as a master working to pass their knowledge onto a student. BaoHackmon are highly sought after as instructors, but they seem to pick their apprentices themselves, usually by appearing before a young Digimon who seems to need their tutelage most. Trainees that are already skilled, or who show an excessive amount of pride, are either ignored, or turned away.


  • Burn Flame - Spews a large fireball from its mouth.
  • Fifth Cross - Alights its foreclaws with fire and slashes at its opponent in an x-shaped pattern.
  • Teen Blade - Spins its bladed tail like a drill and thrusts it at its opponent.
  • Dragrey Spiker - Performs a backflip, slicing at the opponent vertically with the two blades on its lower legs.

Typical Size

10 feet tall, 12 feet from nose to tail.

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