Baby Level

Baby is the second level of Digimon development.

Baby-level Digimon have very basic combat skills, but are still easy prey for Digimon of the Child-level and above. They are more mobile at this level, and have usually developed the ability to express themselves through language. As their bodies become more complex than simple blobs, data that influences physical appearance and abilities starts to manifest properly, but most Baby-level Digimon are still too primitive to classify by attribute or species. The ravenous hunger associated with young Digimon starts to rear its head at the Baby-level, as they start consuming and stockpiling data to prepare for evolution into much larger forms.

List of Digimon

xnrXBg2.png 4QQNJfY.png 0JFXj4K.png Zorwvee.png gjEakPn.png 9lzETNl.png 66w3YEj.png 6SPXobz.png MUoCzZK.png uHzdvUJ.png
Babydmon Bombmon Budmon Caprimon Chapmon Chibimon Chicchimon Chikurimon Chocomon Cupimon
YK8wTDO.png VK9u0mR.png jN1e2f3.png ULAgq8j.png ZJkBc82.png dBCBsRg.png Ie6Wzx9.png qQcfjwt.png 3GM2Y5K.png WeCaZzZ.png
Dorimon Frimon Gigimon Gummymon Hopmon Kakkinmon Koromon KoZenimon Kyaromon Kyokyomon
3mmOGav.png izCMxcO.png dBq5L8f.png pDgH1UQ.png sis771y.png qommuWC.png w0cZJz9.png y6QUXuH.png AHXGxfr.png o2a73ge.png
Minomon Missimon Mochimon Monimon Moonmon Nyaromon Pagumon PetiMeramon Pickmon Pinamon
cjL0I13.png kiHZaND.png 8XEgSiz.png LEqy0ds.png fxQ56Mg.png 4XxXo8i.png vjnf95b.png 7ovtDZL.png IoFp4tg.png h6ivV3p.png
Pokomon Poromon Pukamon Puroromon Pusurimon Pyokomon Sakuttomon Sunmon Tanemon Tokomon
jGTO1HS.png DzFmqBt.png oDARn49.png QEwZTNg.png nuyp70W.png MrF0DZq.png h329mMe.png
TorikaraBallmon Tsumemon Tsunomon Upamon Wanyamon Xiaomon Yaamon

List of X-Antibody

Tokomon X

List of Digimon not allowed as Partners

Arkadimon Baby
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