Level Adult
Attribute Data
Type Giant Bird
Status Unrestricted


A Giant Bird Digimon with the appearance of an enormous eagle, which boasts two large horns upon its head. Aquilamon's habitat is wide, but it is known best in the Digital World's savannas, fields, plains, and arid regions. This has earned it the title of the "Great Eagle of the Desert". Aquilamon fly through the skies at speeds exceeding the speed of sound, making them some of the fastest fliers in the entire Digital World. They also possess sharp senses, and can easily pick out a target, no matter how small, from miles away. Their horns are deadly weapons, and Aquilamon must make an effort to keep them sharp and unbroken, much like a bull or a deer.

While a majority of Adult-level Bird-species Digimon are rough and violent, Aquilamon carry themselves with an upstanding, almost knightly air. A single Aquilamon can cover a vast territory, and to that Aquilamon, whosoever else lives inside of it is under its protection. Whenever it catches wind of someone disrupting the peace of its territory, Aquilamon will swiftly move to put a stop to it. In some cases, territorial disputes between two Aquilamon will arise, but rather than fight a protracted battle, they will instead try to settle it in an aerial jousting match using their horns; when the match is over, the losing Aquilamon calmly accepts defeat, and moves on to find a new area to protect. Most Aquilamon are wild, but not uncivilized, and will often serve as airborne escorts for travelers both on the ground and in the sky.


  • Blast Laser - Opens its mouth and fires a blast of destructive energy rings at its opponent.
  • Glide Horn - Charges the tips of its horns with energy and rams the opponent with them at high speeds.
  • Mach Impulse - Flaps its wings powerfully while flying at mach speeds, creating a powerful gale-force wind.
  • Stealth Quarrel - Flaps its wings, letting loose a barrage of razor sharp feathers.

Typical Size

15 feet tall, wingspan of 18 feet.

Sub-species and Relatives

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