Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Bird
Status Unrestricted


A Bird Digimon with a simple, musical-note-like body. The speakers built into Soundbirdmon's wings are functional, and it issues its cries through these rather than from a mouth. They are typically cautious Digimon that keep quiet, but their first line of defense against threats is to drive them away with high-volume noise. When Soundbirdmon flock together, too, they become loud, declaring their territory with a great cacophony that can be heard for miles.


Soundbirdmon are swift, light-bodied Digimon with low physical endurance. They fight with sound waves, which they can produce easily and in great quantity.

  • Giga Scream - Sings at high volume, creating a shockwave.
  • Sound Finish - Uses ultrasonic waves to paralyze a target.

Typical Size

Wingspan of 3 to 6 feet.

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