Otamamon (Red)
Otamamon (Red)
Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Amphibian
Status Unrestricted


An Otamamon subspecies that manifested elemental fire data through countless mutations. They are perfectly at home in high-temperature environments, particularly hot springs and liquid magma, and are one of the few Digimon that live in active volcanoes. Outside of those conditions, they can often be seen working at bathhouses and saunas, where the heat their bodies radiate only adds to the atmosphere. Red Otamamon love to sing as much as the blue ones, but their low-pitched voices are often mistaken for seismic or volcanic rumbling.


Red Otamamon are sturdier than the blue species, but are still quite clumsy. They fight with hot water and magma, and rely less on sound attacks.

  • Boiled Bubble - Breathes out a stream of extremely hot bubbles. When popped, they release a blast of hot air.
  • Magma Drip - Spits gobs of magma.
  • Lava Claw - Scratches with hot claws.

Typical Size

About 2 feet long.

Sub-species and Relatives


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