Level Child
Attribute Virus
Type Amphibian
Status Unrestricted


A tadpole-like Digimon with a soft body that lives primarily in lakes and rivers. The most developed parts of its body are its arms and tail, which it uses to propel itself through the water and across the ground. Otamamon have a natural aptitude for music, and can often be found on rocks by the water singing or drumming with their tails. The songs they develop to entertain and communicate with one another can be unpleasant to listeners who aren't Otamamon, but they can also learn and mimic the style of music with more universal appeal. Among Child-level Digimon species, their evolutionary potential is extremely diverse, and much of Tamer Union's research on Digimon evolution was done on Otamamon.


Otamamon have low-to-moderate combat aptitude, but often live together in large groups in the wild that can overwhelm foes with water and sound. They are clumsy on land.

  • Lullaby Bubble - Breathes out a stream of bubbles containing sound waves. When popped, the song within makes the target drowsy or puts them to sleep.
  • Wrapping Bubble - Spits a large bubble that engulfs a target and then becomes elastic, restricting movement.
  • Water Jet - Spits a high-pressure stream of water.

Typical Size

About 2 feet long.

Sub-species and Relatives


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