Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Amphibian
Status Unrestricted


A less common subspecies of Betamon. Unlike Betamon, ModokiBetamon can generate both water and electricity. It prefers warmer habitats than Betamon, and is often found in ponds and streams in jungle environments. When not foraging for food or moving from place to place, it hunkers down and stays still and quiet, avoiding predatory Digimon and keeping a careful eye on its surroundings. Its Aqua Tower technique helps it climb trees, fill crannies to make pools for lurking in, and splash water into attackers' eyes.


ModokiBetamon's combat tactics revolve around their sharp dorsal fins and their ability to generate brief electric shocks and spouts of water.

  • Aqua Tower - Summons a small geyser.
  • Blade Fin - Throws the sharp fin on its back outward like a boomerang.
  • Lightning Shock - Releases an electric current from its body. Its shock is weaker than Betamon's.

Typical Size

Around 2 feet from nose to tail.

Sub-species and Relatives


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