Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Mammal
Status Unrestricted


A Digimon born from lunar and tidal observation data that resembles a rabbit and has keen hearing in each of its four ears. Lunamon are timid and nonconfrontational, and need reliable companionship to thrive, so they tend to live together in colonies. Their original habitat is underwater caves and tunnels, and despite being Mammal Digimon, Lunamon can breathe underwater. Their moods and energy wax and wane with the phases of the moon, reaching high points during full moons. Their Digicores contain data related to Evil-species Digimon resembling devils, vampires, and imps, but this data doesn't seem to manifest in their form or personalities.


Lunamon have low-to-moderate physical dexterity for Child-level Digimon, but their ability to generate and manipulate water makes up for whatever athleticism they might lack.

  • Tear Shoot - Fires an orb of water at high speed from between its upper ears.
  • Lop-Ear Ripple - Twirls its lower ears and summons a vortex of bubbles and froth to trap and disorient its target.
  • Luna Claw - Slashes with claws imbued with dark energy.

Typical Size

2 to 3 feet tall.

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