Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Armor
Status Unrestricted


A member of the "Weapon Digimon" family, a group of Digimon with the power to transform into weapons. In Ludomon's case, it transforms into a round shield that others can wield. A sturdy helmet, full-body armor, and the pair of "Wall Rake" shields a Ludomon carries protect it from attacks from every direction, such that Ludomon boasts the greatest survivability of all Child-level Digimon. Their ability to weather attacks head-on make them popular if not particularly common conscripts for military maneuvers. When the D-Brigade was at the height of its notoriety as a mercenary group, Commandramon were Ludomon's fiercest rivals. Though Ludomon resembles a Machine Digimon at first, it looks like the Beast-species it is under its armor, which it has no reservations about removing for convenience.


Ludomon are well suited for combat, but, naturally, excel at defense rather than offense. They can weather powerful attacks on their own, or turn into a shield to be wielded by another.

  • Wall Rake - Attacks with its arm-mounted shields, bashing, slashing, or throwing them like boomerangs.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet tall.

Ability Notes

The shield Ludomon transforms into can be used by its Tamer. The shield may be of any design, but will not exceed two and a half feet in diameter. It is rather durable and transforms back into (an injured) Ludomon instead of breaking if it takes too much damage. Ludomon can talk in shield form.

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