Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Machine
Status Unrestricted


An unusual Machine Digimon that first appeared in industrial zones, feeding on electricity from power lines, generators, and batteries. Its larger pair of arms are used to manipulate objects and defend itself, and its second, smaller pair of arms are for absorbing electricity. They resemble and move like beetles, and are generally intelligent, gentle Digimon that get along well with other species - except for insectoid Digimon, and particularly Tentomon, which seem to make Kokuwamon nervous and competitive for reasons not known to them or anyone else.


  • Scissor Arms Mini - Attacks with electrified pincers, cutting its target.
  • Assemble Work - Uses electromagnetism to manipulate small quantities of metal at close range, fashioning it into shapes or hurling it at a target.
  • Stun Shock - Delivers a paralyzing shock from an electric current generated between its two horns.

Typical Size

3 to 4 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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