Level Child
Attribute Data
Type Beast
Status Unrestricted


A subspecies of Lopmon that wears a labcoat and badge. They are shrewd, knowledgeable Digimon largely found in the company of ProfessorAgumon or ProfauxssorAgumon, providing competent assistance, like InternTerriermon do. However, they are generally less easygoing, and are known to assert themselves in subtle ways. Where regular Lopmon tend to be shy and avoid contact, InternLopmon tend to openly resent whatever gets on their nerves, even the habits of the Digimon they follow around.


InternLopmon's combat skills are less diminished than ProfauxssorAgumon's but they don't quite match up to regular Lopmon in a fight. Their strength is in brains, not brawn.

  • Splendibig Badge - Enlarges the badge it wears to a great size and hurls it.
  • Petit Twister - Spins like a tornado, using the weight of its fanned-out ears to build momentum, then collides with the enemy.
  • Blazing Ice - Fires a blast of freezing air from its mouth.

Typical Size

2 to 3 feet tall.

Sub-species and Relatives


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